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13. srpna 2022 v 22:26
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PTE test format
Have you heard of the change in the format of the PTE Exam since November 16, 2021? Yes, that's right, and there are specific changes to the PTE Exam format, which you should be aware of before taking the PTE exam. Basically, the change in the PTE Exam is to make it easier for test-takers. The PTE exam format will change in four key ways, currently, it is 3 hours long, but from November 16, 2021, it is reduced to around 2 hours, This change is very beneficial because it helps the PTE test-takers, experts observed that if the time limit were 3 hours, the test-takers usually completed it in 2 or 2.5 hours.

Additionally, the timings have been shortened in the PTE Exam format, except that the personal introduction portion of the test has not changed, and the writing and speaking sections have been shortened by a considerable amount. As for the reading section, the timings have been shortened by around 29-30 minutes. This is not all the changes that have been made; there are still more. To decrease the overall time of the test, the new PTE Exam format has had the number of questions reduced. Let's examine each section of the test and see how many questions you'll have to answer.

For More Info:-
10. srpna 2022 v 05:41
Retell lecture template
In addition, we have also developed a Retell lecture template for test-takers who are struggling with their English skills and just want to pass the PTE test for academic purposes. In this Retell lecture template, we don't use complex and compound sentences, nor do we use transition words, we just use keywords to prepare the answer. The key is to write down around 7 keywords, whatever you hear in the lecture, and then fit them into the PTE Retell lecture template to retell it. Again, we are using example question 2 to show you the sample answer for this PTE Retell lecture template. Just using the template does not guarantee you the score mentioned, it is all about how clearly and confidently you deliver the spoken response. In the PTE Retell lecture task, the more keywords and key phrases you use, the higher your score will be. The below answer will fetch you a score just above 40, so use the templates and keywords wisely depending on how much you want to score.

We have covered the steps in general and also provided you with different types of PTE Retell lecture templates that can help you achieve a variety of score levels. Remember, you should assess your grammar and speaking skills either yourself or with the help of a PTE examiner. Once you do that, it will make you clear how much effort you need to put into achieving your desired PTE score. We guarantee that this article is the most comprehensive you will find on the internet regarding PTE Retell Lecture. Now that you have found out how to solve this task by following easy steps and using a template, you will need to practice on some quality questions. With Edutrainex, you can find hundreds of top-quality PTE materials on the PTE Retell lecture topic, in addition to others.

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10. srpna 2022 v 05:40
Describe image
As one of the most vital task of the PTE Speaking section, the Describe Image question is the third in the sequence. As you see the image on the screen, you need to describe all the essential aspects given in it, so, in this blog, we will teach you how to attempt this question. Describe image strategies and PDF templates for different types of Describe image questions can help you achieve high scores on PTE, regardless of your score requirements or level of English language skills.

The Speaking and Writing part of the PTE test takes about 54 to 67 minutes, and the Describe image task only assesses your speaking skills, which are added to the Speaking section. It challenges how well you can view and understand the image given and provide accurate descriptions of it. A PTE test includes 3 to 4 Describe image questions. To know the number of questions in each of the PTE sections and the timing, please visit the PTE Exam format page.

It is important for you to understand the time allocation for the Describe image question, since each task has a set length of time. You get 25 seconds to think of how you will describe the image. Once you have the image, you have 40 seconds to talk about it, and you need to describe the interesting facts, trends, and give an accurate summary. Join Edutrainex today to learn the tips and tricks as well as several PTE Describe image templates.

For More Info:- s-and-template/
5. srpna 2022 v 08:07
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PTE Reading Fill in the Blanks
29. července 2022 v 11:07
PTE Reading Fill in the Blanks
This task is one of the most scoring tasks in the Reading section, and students should put a lot of effort into it to improve their score. The Reading Fill in the Blanks question is very simple, you get a passage of 80 words, and you drag and drop the words to the appropriate blank spaces in the passage. Usually there will be four to five questions of the PTE Fill in the Blanks, and each will have roughly four or five gaps, so you may possibly be able to score up to 25 points from this task alone. Therefore, you can see how important this task is for those taking the PTE test. PTE Reading is not timed, so managing your time appropriately is the first tip that you should learn. Overall, Edutrainex recommends that you spend no more than 2 minutes per question, if you want to finish the reading section in the allotted time.

Following this, you will need to build grammar skills, which are essential for the entire PTE test. Grammar knowledge allows you to narrow down your shortlisted answers once you have narrowed down your word type. Once you have done that, you can use collocation to determine which words go with the surrounding words. The official PTE Fill in the Blanks word collocations list can assist you in learning these right from the beginning of your preparations. And finally, you need to understand the overall context, which implies knowing the central idea of the topic discussed in the text, which allows you to choose the best answer for each gap. It is important to combine these skills for the PTE reading fill in the blanks task so that you can answer the questions successfully. If you need practice questions with answers and explanations, then join the Edutrainex PTE learning platform, our PTE experts will help you to improve these skills and overcome your weaknesses, and, you should also take mock tests when you feel comfortable with the practice questions.

For More Info:- e-blanks/
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